Roundabouts in Portugal

Portugal roundabouts law is different! Special rules to enter / exit a roundabout, when you must give way. Often 30 km/hour speed limit.

To exit a roundabout (rotunda) in Portugal

You move into the right-hand lane to take the exit, but only after passing preceding exits. You stay on an inside lane until you approach the exit you want to take, then only move into the outside lane to actually take the exit. If you are in the outside lane and reach an exit, you must take the exit.

Put another way, in Portugal the inside lane has priority, not the outside lane. If you are in the outside lane and pass an exit then another vehicle inside you can cut across you to take the exit. This is the most common cause or accidents on roundabouts in Portugal.

There is an exception to this rule. Slow-moving traffic (horse-drawn carts, bicycles, heavy goods vehicles...) may drive in the outside lane and pass an exit, but must still give way to other vehicles trying to take the exit. This can be a difficult situation - drive carefully !

To enter a roundabout in Portugal

you give way to traffic already on the roundabout - approaching from the left. Be careful with vehicles moving from inside lane to outside lane on the roundabout as you prepare to enter the roundabout.


Between €60 and €300 for violating traffic laws on roundabouts.


The law in Portugal for driving on roundabouts is not like the law in many other countries: