Privacy Policy


We respect your privacy. We will not knowingly give any personal information you provide us to any third-party without your consent. If you provide us with contact details (email address, phone numbers) we will only contact you to support your existing business with us.


Our systems usually offer two levels of password protection. An access password to get to your records on our system on a view-only basis. Then an update password to update those records. We use standard password management techniques to keep your passwords secure. It is still your responsibility to remember your passwords.

Hosting of data

All our websites and their data are hosted on secure computer servers within the EU (European Union). The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in 2018. This covers your rights regarding any personal data we hold for you e.g. your rights to access, rectify, erase and restrict processing of your data.

Cookies Policy

Essential Cookies

Our dynamic websites (sites where you can enter data into forms) use one cookie called SYSID. This cookie is essential. It helps us to remember you within one visit to our website and across multiple visits to our website. We may also use cookies like SESSIONID and PHPSESSID. These cookies are for our use only. They contain large random numbers like s2f4g5642ndsk – not any data that identifies you personally. If you choose to reject these cookies then our sites may still be usable – but will not work very well. You see the message ‘Our web site uses cookies as described in our cookie policy’ in a popup box at the top or bottom of our Web pages. This has two options. ‘Learn more’ takes you to this page. The ‘Accept’ option is your acceptance of our cookies. We may record this by placing a cookie called usercookieconsent or cookieconsent_status on your system. Then we use this cookie to stop the popup appearing again.

Advertising Cookies

We have to make money some way. Like the majority of Internet sites we do this mostly through advertising not subscriptions. There are many companies that supply ads (advertisements). Google is the biggest and best-known of these companies. At this time we only use ads from Google, not from other companies. Points to note here:

There are other ways you can manage your cookie preferences via settings in your web browser, in your computer system and via ad-management sites on the Internet.